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A Disney Childhood
Comic Books to Sailing Ships
A Memoir
Cathy Sherman Freeman
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Dinner at our house in Burbank with the Italian publishing house, Mondadori, representative’s children and our babysitters Gary and Sue.
Cathy Sherman Freeman is interviewed by Matilda Butler on her website Women’s Memoirs:
When Cathy Sherman Freeman, née Mary Catherine Sherman, was born her father George Ransom Sherman was Head of Publications at Walt Disney Studios.  Basically every comic book published in the 1960s went through his desk or someone he corresponded with.  His job took him around the world to met with Disney colleagues and attend Publishing Conventions. I considered his job magical and was glad to be born into this family.  That is the book’s story.

Writing has always been a part of my life and work.  My husband, Brian and I have worked side by side in an 8 x 10 graphics studio for 30 years.  He is the main designer, while I take care if the typesetting, copywriting, accounting and do the larger projects such as a yarn catalog where each skein if yarn is scanned and color correction until my eyes are blurry.  I started college as an English major but graduated as a Theatre Designer.  My High School yearbook has one comment, “I look forward to the day I can read your book.”  I never had an ambition to write.  I have always had a need to tell a story, share a thought with those around me.  I always hope to get to the emotional side of a situation and then find the humor to help others through the more complicated parts of life.
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