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A Disney Childhood
Comic Books to Sailing Ships
A Memoir
Cathy Sherman Freeman
“A Typical American Family”
What editors have to say

     “I just finished reading your book. The fact that I read it in two nights and didn't skip anywhere, says a lot. To say that I was interested is an understatement.
     Among other things, creating and explaining how your dad was the epitome of what Disney was all about and how he patterned the family life around that.
     The reason Walt wanted you to go to EPCOT was you were his ideal family.
     He couldn't create a better profile and one with a sense of humor.
     Your unique combination of severe independence and shyness was Walt's personality and the characters he and staff created.
     Your thinking out-of-the-box meshes perfectly. Plus your intelligence and instant problem solving ability.”
 – Freeman Gosden, Jr., Founder of “Me-Books Publishing,”
 Past President of Direct Marketing Association
Freeman’s father was “Amos” on “Amos and Andy” and wrote 4,000 radio scripts

     “I thoroughly enjoyed your work!  You have told a wonderful story that held my interest to the end. You have had an interesting life and you conveyed your experiences in a very clear way and professional manner.”
 – Wendall Mohler, Vice President of Publishing, Walt Disney, Retired 1990

     “Poignant and compelling . . . The worthwhile goal to tell your unique story of a Disney executive’s daughter, the affect of cancer on the family, your adjustments and survival.”
 – Billie Jean Salmon, e-Pluribus Unum Publishing

     “Your father and I were best friends for many years and we talk of him often to this day.”
– Roy Disney, Jr., personal letter, January 2000
Top Right Photo:
Bohemia, our second aluminum hulled boat.  We sailed her in San Diego area ocean races.  

Top Left Photo:
Four children born within five years of each other. Usually our first choice of a playmate whether it was flag football in our front yard or the card game bridge in the family room.
Your shyness was Walt’s personality
Poignant and compelling
Your family was Walt’s ideal family
Out-of-the-box thinking
Sense of Humor
A wonderful story
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Your Father was my Best Friend
– Roy Disney, Jr.
The Sherman Children
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